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online shopping from a new angle

shop just like you do inside a real store
with shoptick's immersive platform
Intuitive layouts

We’ve recreated the immersive feeling of walking the store aisles in a user-friendly, virtual environment

Natural Shopping Experience

Browse the sections, see what’s new, and shop in a way that’s intuitive and natural

Easy collection and delivery

Discover local stores and get products delivered to your home on the same day

SHOPTICK is for everyone

We’re all about bridging the gap between stores and their customers. Our goal is to make shopping fun, visual, and intuitive.


Shoptick delivers a seamless e-commerce experience that makes retail easy. By combining the very best of the brick-and-mortar store with the power and reach of a web & mobile based platform, you’ll be able to build a shopping environment that drives dollars to the bottom line.

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You know how to shop, and Shoptick allows you to do what comes naturally. Browse the aisles and compare products and prices in a mobile-friendly environment. Difficult interfaces, unreliable search functions, and shopping carts with one bad wheel are a thing of the past.

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Bring the charm of your store to your customers

Customize your site like you’d customize your physical store

Retailers enjoy an on-brand presentation that they can control to drive traffic and meet consumer need,
while customers can relax in a retail environment that’s inviting, familiar, and easy to navigate.
Give the digital world a sense of physical space.

Get discovered

The Shoptick platform allows shoppers to discover nearby stores enabling retailers to expand their customer base.
Shoptick helps you increase sales and customer engagement!

Pick-up & Delivery is easier than ever before

The Shoptick platform is designed for ease-of-use, for both the store and customer.
Seamless communication between the two parties enables quick delivery or collection.

Big-data strength with a shop-local feel

Shoptick leverages the strength of data-driven analytics. Understand customer behavior and make
changes that help you move the needle and create sales. A simple dashboard provides
retailers with real-time data for more effective decision-making.

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What you need, where and when you need it most

Find what you need or discover something new

Shop the way you always have and browse the different sections of a real store!
You’ll see familiar brands, uncover new favorites, and probably even stumble on that
one item you forgot to write on your list! Shopping with Shoptick couldn’t be easier.

Discover new shops

With Shoptick you can find new stores near you, view and buy their current products, and get
them delivered to you. You can search for the types of products you're looking for
and Shoptick will highlight nearby stores selling them.

Pick it up or have it brought to your door

Whether you want to come by in person or have your purchases dropped off at your house,
Shoptick makes it easy to get your products fast and at your convenience.

Personalizing your shopping needs

Discover the products and stores you like, no more scrolling endlessly to find what you’re looking for.  
Shoptick customizes to your likes and needs, so the next time you visit a store you can find the products
that you’re looking for straight away! Discover new products and stores that fit your likings.